Almighty Father

My God and king

The only God worthy of praise and glory

The one whom the whole world worship

Oh yes they call you many names

Some of them really funny

One thing though

There is no one who does not acknowledge that you exist

Whatever we belief,whatever our trade

Wherever it is we are, we all see you,

We see you in the songs of birds at dawn

In the brilliance of the sun at noon

In the glow of the sparkling stars at night
We see you, yes father we do

Under the heavy breath of the moving air

In the roaring waters of the oceans

In the colors of the rainbow

As the sunlight filters through the dropping rain.

Some men alive say you do not exist

But even their lives testify that you do

Because they sure can’t explain the miracle of sleeping and waking

At least if nothing else they sleep and they rise at dawn

And you are  father, the architect of things.

What perhaps I cant understand is despite all these

We still fail in our duties to you.

As I begin to think about the birth of your son and the miracle of salvation

I bow my knees and worship

Asking you Father to:

Temper justice justice with mercy

Forgive us all

For we only act the human that we all are

Help us to love you completely,

Trust without wavering,

And obey you sincerely.

This is my prayer to you

Almighty Father.


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